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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  March 18, 2013 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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>> coming up at eleven. police in san jose shoot and kill a man tonight. why they say they had to do it. it all began when one officer spotted a stolen car. and it's an old idea -- but its time has apparently come again. bart revives a plan to extend its service in the east bay. the news is next.
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at 11. a developing story. police shot and killed a man in san jose tonight.
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this is video from our helicopter partnership with a-b-c 7 news. it happened on jerry lin drive and athene drive. san jose police say it started when two undercover officers in unmarked cars spotted a stolen car. kron4's scott rates is live in san jose with the latest on this developing story. scott? this happened just after 6:30. they attempted to pull over a stolen car. the suspects backed up into the officer's car and at that point the officer got out of a car and the suspect tried to run over the officer. and if the 0 officer opened fire shooting one shot and
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hit the suspect. a very busy scene out here tonight. >> it was an ice cream truck and there were undercover cop cars surrounding another car and we heard two shots fired and that is all i know. >> the suspect was taken to the hospital where he died. his identity has not been released. the investigators have said that none of the investigators were injured. >> catherine: a beautiful night tonight at the bay bridge. the rainfall? >> jacqueline: eu is getting closer we are certainly seeing some cloud coverage and the some returns on the radar. the golden gate
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showing dry pavement. as we look on stormtracker 4 radar it is picking up with returns over the heart of that area. it is so dry right now that none of this is going to hit the ground. it will take awhile. in fact we might not see it until tomorrow evening. these clouds coming over the bay area and these returns but no rain. as we take a further look offshore a couple of systems forming just south of that. having to the pacific northwest. last week look like they're running to write for the bay area of but now that they are going up towards the pacific northwest the tail end of this system with lighter rainfall totals. breezy conditions and the rain is not going to start
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until late evening but the main band about wednesday morning. spotty shower activity we will time it out on futurecast and snowfall in the sierras. this is not something neighbors here like to see, they say especially because so many kids play out on these streets! take a look here behind me investigators out here this happening just after attempted to pull over a stolen car investigators say that instead of pulling over, the suspect backed up into the officers car. at that point one of the officers got out of the car that's when police say that suspect tried to run over the officer, that's what prompted the officer to open car hitting that suspect. people out here can't believe what they saw. suspect was taken to hospital where he died his id has not been released i checked with investigators they say none of the officers were injured san jose in another big story. rain is headed to the bay area. here's a live look outside. you can see the beautiful bay bridge all lit up. i'm in the weather center with jacqueline. so when can we expect the rain to start. police have arrested a man who is suspected of killing a 77-year-old san francisco newspaper vendor in january. mark cassell is in custody tonight. police say he had wrapped
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his arms around the victim's waist, picked him up in the air and dropped him - before running away. the victim later died from his injuries. also new at 11. police are looking for this man - accused of posing as a law enforcement officer in angel castro is facing charges including reckless driving and impersonating a federal agent - and didn't show up in court today. last month - police say he was in an unmarked ford crown victoria with sirens on. they say he got out of the car wearing a shirt with an f-b-i emblem. he initially claimed he was handling an emergency - but eventually said he worked for a security company and that the emergency was he had to pay his phone bill. there's a warrant tonight for his arrest. a folk singer is accused of making anti-gay comments at a show in san francisco last night. michelle shocked is a grammy nominated singer who was performing at yoshi's. now - other venues, including hop-monk tavern in novato, are cancelling her performances. concert organizers at yoshi's released this statement on twitter today. saying they don't tolerate the type of "bigotry and hatred exhibited last night.she will never be back." bicyclists were allowed to ride bart all day -- including during peak commute hours. it's part of a week-long test program. bart officials say they've made more space available for bikes in their cars. some commuters argue it won't be enough - and they're worried about more crowding. bart will decide later whether to make the change permanent. bart might also be considering expanding service in the east bay. possibly as far north as hercules.
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kron 4's charles clifford has details and shows us where the new train routes could run. r district 7 bart board member zakhary mallet is floating the idea of buil lines north fre city of richmond as a way to relieve chronic traffic congestion along interstate 80. let's take a look at a google earth map of the area. right now the richmond station, which is here in the middle of the city, is the northern most stop on the richmond-fremont bart line. the idea would be to extend that line to the north parrell to the path of nearby interstate 80. along that route, new bart stations could be added in san pablo here near the richmond hilltop shopping centers... further north in pinole... and there could even be service all the way to hercules... if not further... now, none of this is even close to being a done deal. i spoke with a bart spokeperson today who said that this is just one of many ideas and projects the transit agency is considering. there are no artist renderings, no engineering plans... at this point this is only an idea. it's not, however, a new idea, this has been explored before but never followed through on. if the bart board does decide to finally move forward with extending service to the north it would be a long, long process. the transit agency would have to secure
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funding, acquire land to build the new rail lines and stations, engineer and design the extension and then the project would have to survice years worth of studies and environmental reviews before construction could begin in the newsroom, charles clifford kron 4 news. vandals hit an east bay business district over the weekend. they damaged the locks of nearly a dozen small shops. one business owner gave haaziq madyun a look at the damage. it's a story you'll see - only on kron >> "you can see the glue right there in the lock" vandals targeting oakland businesses here downtown on 17th streetusing glue damaging the locks of multiple shops in this area >> "they sprayed the lock here" the president of the south of broadway business associationel tyna mccree gave me a tour of the shops that were targeted >> "this one was donenobody can get in upstairs" mcree says this latest gluing incident continues an ongoing string of vandalism here in fact one shop owner of tells me she is considering relocating her business out of oakland >> "that is right and i shouldn't have to do that oakland is my home, i want to live here, work here,
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and do my business here" mcree says merchants here have no idea who is targeting themthey just want it to stop >> "it just continues to go and on" on 17th street in oakland, haaziq madyun-kron 4 news pinole police are hoping someone will recognize the man in this sketch. they say he tried to kidnap a 12-year old girl as she was walking home from school last week. he's described as white - 19 to 20, thin build, slicked back short hair, brown goatee and a piercing in one of his eyebrows. former secretary of state hillary clinton has come out in support of the same sex marriage. coming up what clinton had to say and if it will help sway the u.s. supreme court. plus: one of the largest universities in the country.shut down today.after police say a student planned to shoot other students as they exited a dormatory. details on the guns and home-made bombs found. and: an old highway bridge in texas needed to be torn down -- to make way for a new one. those stories and more after the break.
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take a look at this. some whales were getting very friendly with boaters off the coast of southern california. the grey whales were coming right up to the 15 foot fishing boat.and seemed curious - and friendly. the adult whales - about 50 feet long - stayed alongside the boat for a long time. even rubbing up against the engine. "bridge demolition" >> announcer: "whoa"" people in texas got quite a show over the weekend. this old highway bridge needed to be torn down -- to make way for a new one. the blast was so powerful it was felt more than 26-miles away. it's also knocked out cell service and land lines for some people.
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>> gary: there is the n.c.a.a., the sharks, the miami heat, the war years i might need catherines help. catherine heenan will help later. >> jacqueline: big changes coming to the forecast with rainfall returning we will time it there's this island -- and it's got super-cute kangaroos.
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a boost tonight for backers of same-sex marriage. former secretary of state hillary clinton has come out in support of the same sex unions. tonight kron 4's dan kerman looks at what clinton had to say. fan >> i support marriage and for lesbian and gay couples personally and a you matter of policy and law. >> she joined the ever- increasing politicians to come out and support. >> a few years ago bill and i celebrated. to deny the children of sons and daughters just to them it is to deny their chance to live up to their potential. >> clinton it joins a host
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of conservatives who also oppose same-sex marriage and no support it. the question remains will this impact the supreme court? >> if could impact an informal level. >> of particulates on individual rights if they have seen a group and the public and groups of elite extend rights i think that always plays an informal rule of shaping the courts. but it is not a formal is very informal. >> they will hear both arguments from the defensive marriage eric tuesday next week their rulings are
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respected sometime this summer. dan kerman, kron 4 news. >> catherine: a new national poll shows support for same sex marriage at an all=time high. in the last ten years, public opinion has undergone a reversal. in 2003, more than half of all americans wanted to outlaw same sex marriage. now nearly 60 percent want to legalize it. the poll was conducted by langer research for abc news and the washington post. there are new details on what police say was a plot to kill students on the orlando campus of the university of central florida. they say a student had planned to kill people near his dorm -- but changed his mind and killed himself. they say james seev-aku- maran had home-made bombs, an assault weapon, a handgun, and hundreds of rounds of ammunition in his dorm room. they believe he pulled a fire alarm just after midnight, and planned to shoot students as they left the building. one student called police - and it's believed the sound
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of sirens may have made the suspect re-think his plan. classes have resumed tonight. in world news. the vatican has released details of the pope's installation mass tomorrow.. it will be a simpler version of the 2005 ceremony for pope benedict. more than 132 government delegations will attend. including representatives of christian, jewish, muslim and other faiths. the mass will be at saint peter's square and is expected to last about two hours. before the ceremony, pope francis will receive the fisherman's ring made of silver and gold with the image of saint peter. we'll carry the pope's installation mass -- live at one-30 a-m on our 24-seven bay area news channel, that's comcast 193 -- or you can watch it streaming online at kron4-dot-com. >> jacqueline: cloudy but to dry conditions. temperatures
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are going to take a dive only in the fifties but we will rebound temperatures back on the warmer side. some returns over the bay area but it is too dry to see any rainfall actually hit the ground. there is this moving to the pacific northwest. lighter rain and the futurecast largely dry. and more moderate rainfall over the north bay. this will continue to press to the inland valleys. and it shall reconditions that is what is coming before the main band. and this is the newest computer model. mainly dry conditions. some moderate rainfall through the north bay. spotty shower activity. this will
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continue with areas of lighter rain and one-half inch of rain fall the north bay hills could get some more. san francisco, the east bay and even towards the south bay. temperatures tomorrow are going to be mild. and widespread 60s 50s near the coast. 67 degrees in concord. and as for the sierras we are largely going to see rainfall. some areas of snow. of of a 7,000 ft.. it will continue and the rainfall will takeover by 10:00 a.m. and the rest of wednesday. it will possibly have leave evening rain precipitation on wednesday. snow levels at 6,800 ft.. however improving with
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mark jackson 2nd quarter andrew bogut does the moses malone thing around the rim he finally tips it in on the 3rd try 3rd quarter/ 52-44 warriors david lee backs down #1 overall pick anthony davis and scores on the nice turnaround 54-44 warriors 4th quarter/ 75-65 warriors stephen curry hits the deep 29-foot 3-pointer 78-65 warriors final: 93-72 warriors return to index of stories... heat at celtics lebron and the heat in
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boston looking for their 23rd straight win jeff green - had the game of his life - the drive, the bucket and the foul 40-24 bos heat show how good they are - dwayne wade the steal - no look flip behind the back - then the ally oop lob to lebron for the dunk lebron: 37 points, 12 lebron - knocks down the pull up jumper for the game winner with:10 secs left heat win 105-103 23rd straight win is 2nd longest in nba history heat improve to 52-14 sharks/ ducks todd mcclellan trying to motivate his team 3rd period 4-2 ducks sharks were down 4-1 but are within one goal after matt irwin's shot bounces off the skate of the ducks ryan getzlaf and in 4-3 ducks but that's the closest they'd get francois beauchemin with the empty net goal in the final minute 5-3 ducks mclellan battered final: 5-3 ducks
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wbc semifinal - dominican republic vs netherlands miguel tejada takes the field for the d.r. 27,257 in bottom 5th/ 1-1 jose reyes singles to centerfieldmoises sierra scores 2-1 dominican reyes great reaction top 9th/ 2 outs with the sea gulls descending on at&t park fernando rodney strikes out jonathan schoop looking more seagulls as the domincan celbrate final: 4-1 domincan republic . stanford women reax stanford women cheer getting #1 seed the stanford women are a #1 seed for the 10th time under tara vanderveer. it's their 26th consecutive ncaa tournament bid here are the details . hp floor conversion take a look at hp pavilion - with the sharks on the road through next wednesday the floor is being converted for the ncaa